Am 09.02.2011 18:23, Bernard Marcelly wrote:
Hi Andreas,
I ran your code on OOo 3.3.0 / Windows XP.
I got a Writer table with the formatted cells. It works as expected.

Suggestion : re-install OOo after a good cleaning.


Resetting my profiles for OOo2.4, 3.3 and LO3.3 cured the problem. But I do not like the disadvantages of this step, so I investigated a little bit further. After restoring the old 3.3 profile, I removed some subdirectories one after the other and found that the basic subfolder is the culprit.

I comment out all libraries in basic/script.xlb and activate them one by one while testing the problematic macro. It turns out that my library "Standard" causes the problem. Within my Standard library a module named "CELL" makes the cell-copy macro fail.
Any module named CELL, even a blank one, makes the cell-copy macro fail.
A module name CELL in some other library does not harm.


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