Den 2011-03-05 10:34:58 skrev Niklas Nebel <>:

On 05.03.2011 01:06, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
I just ran into a problem doing this. The problem is that I have ”fixed”
the sheet, so I am always able to see the first rows and the first
column, so the A column and the 4 first rows are always visible.

I always want A1 to be selected, keeping the selection out of the
important area. However, A1 is above the ”fix point” and therefore I
can't scroll unless I first select a cell below the ”fix point” and then
reselect A1 again.

There's no need to change the selection. If the view is split or frozen, you can use the XIndexAccess interface to get the individual panes. Something like this:
oPane = oView(1)
oPane.FirstVisibleRow = 6


Okay, thanks. I did some searching and found some information, but I didn't really understand how to implement it in my case, for some reasons: 1. I'm a bloody guitarist, not a programmer (but I still try to do some ”programming” now and then…) 2. My native language is not English, which does not stop me in most cases, but I might get somewhat confused sometimes…

So I guess I need to solve this by not including all the features that I want…

Thanks anyway, for trying…

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg
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