Am 09.03.2011 15:44, schrieb underscore:
I was setting the background image as follows :

(xSectionProps is the XPropertySet of a XTextSection )

Object         bitmapTable   =
XNameContainer nameContainer = ooQueryInterface.XNameContainer(bitmapTable);
String         graphicName   = "section-background"
nameContainer.insertByName(graphicName, "file:/home/user/file.png");
graphicURL = (String) nameContainer.getByName(graphicName);

xSectionProps.setPropertyValue("BackGraphic", graphicURL);
xSectionProps.setPropertyValue("BackGraphicFilter", "PNG - Portable
Network Graphic");

But this does not seem to work in OOo 3.3 ?

Whats the way to set the background image of a section now ?

maybe related to


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