Should I be able to load a document into a named frame?

I last wrote about this with OOo version 1.1

Clearly the behavior has changed, and this no longer seems to work. Consider the following macro that used to work (but no longer does).

Sub UseAnExistingFrame
Dim noArgs() 'An empty array for the arguments
Dim vDoc 'The loaded component
Dim sURL As String 'URL of the document to load
Dim nSearch As Long 'Search flags
Dim sFName As String 'Frame Name
Dim vFrame 'Document Frame
Dim s As String 'Display string

REM Search globally for this
nSearch = + _

REM I can even open a real file for this, but I don't know what files
REM you have on your computer so I create a new Writer document instead
sURL = "file:///andrew0/home/andy/doc1.odt"
sURL = "private:factory/swriter"

REM Create a frame with the name MyFrame rather than _default
sFName = "MyFrame"
vFrame = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame
vDoc = vFrame.LoadComponentFromUrl(sURL, sFName, nSearch, noArgs())
If IsNull(vDoc) Then
Print "Failed to create a document"
Exit Sub
End If

REM The name of the frame is MyFrame. Note that the name has nothing
REM to do with the title!
sFName = vDoc.CurrentController.Frame.Name
s = "Created document to frame " & sFName & CHR$(10)
MsgBox s

REM This time, do not allow creation; only allow an existing frame
nSearch =
sURL = "file:///andrew0/home/andy/doc2.odt"
sURL = "private:factory/scalc"
sFName = "doc1 – Writer"
vDoc = vFrame.LoadComponentFromUrl(sURL, sFName, nSearch, noArgs())
If IsNull(vDoc) Then
Print "Failed to create a document"
Exit Sub
End If
s = s & "Created document to frame " & sFName
MsgBox s
End Sub

For those that care, this is the text that is current set to be included with the macro

When a component (document) is loaded, it is placed into a frame; the second argument to LoadComponentFromUrl() specifies the name of the frame. If a frame with the specified name already exists, the newly loaded document uses the existing frame. The code in Listing 245 demonstrates the special frame name “_blank”—the special frame names are discussed shortly. Frame names that are not “special,” specify the name of an existing frame or a new frame. If you specify a frame name, you must tell OOo how to find the frame. The values in Table 94 enumerate valid values for the frame search flags.

In OOo 1.1.0 I could use a document frame to load a new document into a named frame, but not the desktop frame. In OOo 3.3, both seem to be broken. First, loading a document into a named frame does not name the frame when a new frame is used. So, if I create a new document, the frame name is something like “Untitled 1 – Writer”. When I load a document and insist that the correct frame name be used (so a new frame cannot be created) the load only works if the named frame exists, but the document is NOT loaded into that named frame. If you experiment with this, be certain to save your documents before running the macro, at least one experiment caused the new document to load into the current frame.

Shall I open a bug report on this?

Andrew Pitonyak
My Macro Document:

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