Any idea, who is working on or in what version we can do some testing ?


Hi Fernand,

On 09.03.2011 14:24, Fernand Vanrie wrote:

Sinds 3.3 (windows) all PrinterSettings except the Printer Name are no
longer persistent and not stored anywhere not in the profile, not in the
document. Within the settings we have the "options" who are not Printer
specific and we have "Settings" who are bound to a specific printer.
Both are all lost after reloading the document, but we can only use the
Printer specific settings during the printing itself.
So PageSizes set "PrinterSettings" must been redone while actualy printing.

Setting the PageSizes using the API is also broken, please trye the
included code with a printer who accept to changes the PaperSizes

PLease can someone confirm this, so i can fill a issue
AFAIK the new printer dialog implementation brought this unfortunate side effect. Also AFAIK this is already being worked on.


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