Hi Laurent, Juergen,

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Il 17/03/2011 14:39, Laurent Godard ha scritto:
Hi paolo

long time !!!

i put my imported .py file inside the extension in a pythonpath directory

the main .py files are at extension root

i found this information long time ago and think it is a reserved
directory name

no declaration in manifest.xml

True, I was aware of this feature and I'm already using in order to split my pyuno components in more modules.

Actually I've expressed my question very poorly.

The fact is that Image library (PIL) looks quite complicated.
It contains python modules beside c code that is platform dependent.

so I'm not sure of the path to follow in order to compile and include the library in my extension.

Perhaps I should address the question to PIL authors/mantainers...

However, if there is an alternative for not using that library I'd be happy.

In substance I need to load an image (*.jpg) and with a nested cycle (rows / columns) I need to look for pixels having certain colors.

After that, I need to clip the original image in many thumbnails

Perhaps is that possible using OOo API's ?

Paolo M

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