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The reason i want to plaid for PDF as a graphic format in OO, is based on the reason that we still not can make a PDF from a OO document with EPS Graphics init. We end up with a PDF who contains the rasterised preview and not the Vector Graphic. It seems be a to hard job to has EPS vector graphics when transfering OO to PDF. A PDF can contain 1 EPS Vector Image and further been used as "graphic" , this technique is very common in professional Grahic workflows. Problem is that we only can Use this kind of PDF's as a "OBJECT" in OO documents, with allow us to show a EPS without ratserized preview and the tranformation to a PDF go's well also. The problem with a OBJECT is that it have some properties like a "graphic" but not all ( a object can not been "cropped" ).


Hi Fernand,
Am 14.04.2011 14:14, schrieb Fernand Vanrie:
  Where an how can i plaid to have PDF as graphic format, like Jpg, Tif
etc.... So we can place a PDF as a picture in our OO documents

api is not the appropriate list...

Nevertheless, you can insert pdf either as plugin or as object (at least under Windows).
So why? PDF is not a graphic,just as Excel isn't.


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