Hi there,

in order to make a successfully created Toolbar for TextDocuments
hints at using the <com.sun.star.ui.XUIConfigurationPersistence>
interface's "store()" method.

Invoking the store() method unfortunately yields an exception

This is running OOo 3.3 for Windows under XP:

    * the program uses a bootstrap supplied XContext to query the
      ServiceManager and its XMultiServiceFactory interface to create a
    * then the "XModuleUIConfigurationManagerSupplier" interface gets
    * then the method
      "getUIConfigurationManager("com.sun.star.text.TextDocument")" is
      successfully carried out
    * this is then used to run the method "createSettings()", which then
      is used to add all toolbar items that get defined.

Everything works (the toolbar is shown in swriter components and is
operational), however the defined toolbar vanishes after OOo gets closed
and reopened. Therefore the need for making this definition persistent.

Using the UIConfigurationManager's "getUIConfigurationManager" interface
and invoking the "store()" method throws that
"com.sun.star.io.IOException: ]" exception.

This is using the Java APIs of OOo from a commandline program.


Would anyone have any ideas what the cause of this may be? What could I
try/do ?



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