me migrated from OpenOffice 2.2 to 3.2 and have trouble with textdocuments.
The scenario is the following:
A user action is intercepted and a new document from a template created.
This OnNew event triggers a synced XJob. Some user interactions (via OLE-bridge) have to be done, after all the job has finished, but the document is frozen (no cursor, no scrolling, etc.) It can only be closed with the TaskManager. Working with oo is possible with other documents furthermore.
All logging output is ok.
This behavior is reproducable in 90% of similar actions, but only in 10-20% of actions, where no dispatching is active (creating of new document only by code).
This doesn't occur with OpenOffice 2. So what has changed here?

In the jobs.xcu I changed the node from oor:op="replace" to "fuse" and implemented XCloseable and XComponent in the JXob class according to the DevGuide without success. I read about problems, when other GUI than uno-awt is used with XJob, but the UI is a not replaceable third party product.

Any hints are appreciated.

OpenOffice 3.2.0
Java 1.6
Windows XP SP3


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