I haven't been using the API for a while and I'm working on a macros in OO 

>From what I remember, to add things to a sub menu, I have to do that by hand.  
>Am I wrong?  Is there a way, using OO Basic to add items to a sub menu?

I'm creating a sticky-note program that will let me make notes that are 
attached to a document.  They're stored in the document text fields.  I'd like 
to be able to, when a note is created, add a menu item with the note title to a 
sub-menu I'm creating.  Also, of course, if the note is deleted, I'd like to 
remove that item from the menu.  The hard part is I only want those sub-menu 
items available when that document window is selected.

Is that do-able without going through a nightmare?

Thanks for any info or pointers on this!

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