I've been using this macro for a good while:

sub CharacterName
        Dim oDoc   As Object
        Dim oDispatch As Object
'       MsgBox "Debug 1"
        oDoc = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame
'       MsgBox "Debug 2"
        oDispatch = createUnoService("com.sun.star.frame.DispatchHelper")
'       MsgBox "Debug 3"
        oDispatch.executeDispatch(oDoc, ".uno:GoToStartOfLine", "", 0, Array())
'       MsgBox "Debug 4"
        oDispatch.executeDispatch(oDoc, ".uno:EndOfLineSel", "", 0, Array())
        MsgBox "Debug 5"
        oDispatch.executeDispatch(oDoc, ".uno:ChangeCaseToUpper", "", 0, 
        MsgBox "Debug 6"
        oDispatch.executeDispatch(oDoc, ".uno:GoToEndOfLine", "", 0, Array())
'       MsgBox "Debug 7"

End Sub

The debugging statements were not in there until recently.  The two lines that 
call other subroutines:


Are part of an auto-text setup I use where I can define keys to type out 
character names when I'm writing a script.  The first pulls the name out of a 
user field in the document and enters it in the document.  The 2nd one 
(Margin4()) changes the margins.

The line I'm having problem with is right after the "Debug 5" statement:

        oDispatch.executeDispatch(oDoc, ".uno:ChangeCaseToUpper", "", 0, 

Now this is crashing my program every single time.  A few hours ago it was 
working perfectly.  Then I was trying to modify a routine that is in the same 
library and also reads the user fields in the document.  The routine I was 
working on does not change anything the above routine uses.

I've changed the routine I'm editing back to what it was originally.  (The 
original statements were just commented out, so I just uncommented them and 
commented out the changes.)  But I still get a crash whenever the macro hits 
this line.

I was wondering if something could have changed, so I tried to record a new 
macro, and I can't.

Any thoughts on why the ChangeCaseToUpper would suddenly not work?


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