2011/8/18 Laurent Godard <oooc...@free.fr>:
> HI
> from my poor experience
> if I want to use redim, i have to define the array as dynamic
> may be try this
> public NDice() as integer
> sub main
>  redim NDice(1 to 6)
> end sub
> Laurent
> --

That is probably a good idea in most cases, but it gives the same
error if the array is defined in another module (I just tried it in my
I have worked around it now in my project (I found that I could just
move the initial definition to the same module where the ReDim
statement is, which works for this project but not in all cases), but
I still want to know if this is a bug or not, so I can report it if it

Thanks for your input, you are the only one who replied, so I guess
most people hate me for all those annoying questions I posted
recently… ;D

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg
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