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seconding Jürgen's heads-up that this list & infrastructure will soon
cease existence, let me also point you to LibreOffice and The Document
Foundation. When the OOo extension site became more and more unstable,
we decided to setup our own extensions and templates repo.

LibreOffice and The Document Foundation is a thriving, active
community with frequent releases - don't miss out on having your
extension tested, developed & published there as well!

Details here:

Almost-ready sites:

We seek to have developer-related discussions on one list
(libreoff...@lists.freedesktop.org), if you're interested in improving
the publishing framework, website+subscr...@global.libreoffice.org is
where you want to go.

We're a new project, low on rules, rich on enthusiasm - and lots of
things can still be shaped there. We welcome every contribution.


-- Thorsten

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