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> From: Stefan Fuhrmann [mailto:stefanfuhrm...@alice-dsl.de]
> Sent: donderdag 13 oktober 2016 15:25
> To: APR Developer List <dev@apr.apache.org>
> Subject: [Patch] Fix apr_file_trunc on buffered files after read
> Hey there,
> I stumbled across a problem with apr_file_trunc not updating its
> internal buffer state if the previous operation was a read.  This
> is a follow-up to a similar problem fixed in 2010.
> Fix, test and commit message below. Developed against 1.4.5,
> the functional patch should also cleanly apply to /trunk.
> -- Stefan^2.

As we are sitting in the same room currently (Berlin Subversion Hackathon) 
adding a note that this patch fixes the issue for unix, but after this patch 
the same behavior is still broken for Windows and OS/2.


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