Hi, sorry for the click-bait.

Back in 2008 we notified Apache HTTP Server team about this
<https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45187> issue.

Back then, I didn't realize this was (maybe, I'm assuming now) both an APR
issue as an HTTPD issue.

What we initially found was a HTTPD was returning FORBIDDEN for long URLs.
Looking at the underlying code, we found HTTPD wasn't receiving context for
too-long file paths.

We did a change in APR to handle MAX_PATH cases on *NIX systems (it was
already there in WIN32). Then we were able to add handling for those cases

Without a minimal idea of what APR stands for, or even its status regarding
maintainance, I would imagine both *NIX and WIN32 any other OS should
handle the file-path-too-long, and in the case of OSes like Linux you could
go as far as to which FS manages the file to handle different limits.

Would you guys agree the patch for APR is a valid one? Probably incomplete?


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