There are no bindings that I'm aware of. I don't think APR would add much
value to Python, which has its own semaphores and memory mapping. Python's
reference counting and garbage collection handle the memory management that
APR pools would be used for.

While I would doubt there is a book about APR itself, I would bet any book
that talks about writing a module for Apache has extensive coverage of APR
(if such a book exists; dunno). There is no docco besides the headers and
the code itself.


On Mon, Jul 3, 2023 at 12:12 PM Rodent of Unusual Size <>

> Please be gentle, I haven't been around APR for quite a few years..
> I'm tentatively interested in a multi-language application that could
> benefit from APR, specifically things like semaphores and shared memory.
> Are there any OSS binding libraries making *any* APR functionality
> available to Python (primarily) or Ruby?  Either from the APR project
> itself, or provided by some other person or organisation?
> For that matter, are there any good *BOOKS* about APR out there?  I've
> found the documentation, apparently built from code-embedded comments, to
> be a bit .. sparse.  I might be interested in improving that, if someone
> would be willing to inform me (and possibly hold my hand for a bit 😁)
> about the process for doing so..
> 's been a very, _very_ long time since I was involved with APR, so I'm
> going to have to feel my way back into being able to provide any value.
> With all the various different ways ASF projects have now of handling
> submissions, issues, and code repos, I'm sure my SVN-and-email 'muscle
> memory' is stale and obsolete..
> Thanks!
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