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|16056|Inf|Enh|2003-01-14|Shared memory & mutex ownership not correctly esta|
|20382|New|Nor|2003-05-31|Poor performance on W2000 AS                      |
|28453|New|Enh|2004-04-18|apr_uri should parse relative to a base URI       |
|33188|Inf|Nor|2005-01-21|libtool linking failure on Suse                   |
|33490|Inf|Nor|2005-02-10|APR does not compile with Borland C++             |
|38410|New|Nor|2006-01-27|apr/win32 misinterpreted the meaning of WAIT_ABAND|
|39289|New|Enh|2006-04-12|test suite additions for trylock functions        |
|39853|Inf|Nor|2006-06-21|apr_strtoi64 does not build on WinCE due to lack o|
|39895|New|Enh|2006-06-23|apr_os_strerror on WinCE needs to xlate unicode->u|
|39896|New|Enh|2006-06-23|Output test status to OutputDebugString in additio|
|40020|New|Enh|2006-07-11|Add support for apr_uint8_t and apr_int8_t types  |
|40193|Inf|Nor|2006-08-06|Patches to support different compiler than EMX on |
|40622|New|Enh|2006-09-27|enhance apr temp files on NT to be more secure    |
|40758|Ver|Maj|2006-10-15|WIN64, apr_vformatter(..) cannot handle 64bit poin|
|40939|New|Enh|2006-11-09|pool minimal allocation size should be configurabl|
|41192|Inf|Trv|2006-12-17|Add the expat libtool file to the LT_LDFLAGS varia|
|41254|New|Enh|2006-12-28|apr_queue_t enhancements                          |
|41351|Inf|Enh|2007-01-11|Tivoli LDAP SDK support in aprutil                |
|41352|Inf|Min|2007-01-11|openldap and per-connection client certificates in|
|41916|Inf|Nor|2007-03-21|MinGW cross-compile support for Linux             |
|42365|New|Enh|2007-05-09|Suppress console for apr_proc_create() created pro|
|42682|New|Maj|2007-06-17|Apache child terminates with signal 11 when using |
|42728|New|Nor|2007-06-23|mod_ssl thread detaching not releasing handles    |
|42848|New|Enh|2007-07-10|add IP TOS support to apr_socket_opt_set()        |
|43035|New|Enh|2007-08-04|Add ability to wrap ssl around pre-existing socket|
|43066|New|Nor|2007-08-08|get_password on Windows is kludgy                 |
|43152|Inf|Nor|2007-08-16|apr_socket_opt_get doesn't work with APR_SO_SNDBUF|
|43172|Ass|Nor|2007-08-20|apr-util don't want to find mozldap-6.x           |
|43217|New|Min|2007-08-26|All-ones IPv6 subnet mask not accepted            |
|43244|New|Enh|2007-08-29|apr_socket_t missing dup, dup2 and setaside       |
|43302|New|Nor|2007-09-04|apr_bucket_socket doesn't work with non-connected |
|43309|New|Enh|2007-09-05|add apr_socket_sendtov support                    |
|43375|New|Nor|2007-09-13|Pool integrity check fails for apr threads        |
|43499|New|Nor|2007-09-27|apr_global_mutex_create returns error "Access deni|
|43507|New|Enh|2007-09-28|configure flag for SHELL_PATH                     |
|43508|New|Enh|2007-09-28|Please be available whether atomics use thread mut|
|43793|New|Enh|2007-11-04|builtin atomics on Windows                        |
|44127|New|Enh|2007-12-21|File Extended Attributes Support                  |
|44128|New|Enh|2007-12-21|apr_os_file_put() does not register a cleanup hand|
|44129|New|Enh|2007-12-21|apr_os_dir_put() does not allocate an entry buffer|
|44186|New|Nor|2008-01-08|[PATCH] Add memcached 1.2.4 features to apr_memcac|
|44230|New|Enh|2008-01-14|Add Ark Linux support to config.layout            |
|44432|New|Enh|2008-02-15|patch - proposal for application function hooks   |
|44550|Inf|Maj|2008-03-06|Solaris sendfilev() handling - EINTR appears to ha|
|45251|New|Nor|2008-06-22|DBD MySQL driver doesn't support multiple resultse|
|45291|New|Nor|2008-06-26|apr_thread_t is leaking                           |
|45298|New|Maj|2008-06-27|apr_os_thread_get() differs between windows and un|
|45407|Opn|Nor|2008-07-16|auto reconnect in apr_dbd_mysql disturb normal wor|
|45494|Opn|Nor|2008-07-28|testsockets fails on Solaris when IPv6 interfaces |
|45496|New|Enh|2008-07-29|[patch] adding directory matching [dir/**/conf.d/*|
|45700|New|Nor|2008-08-27|incorrect sort order of apr_strnatcmp with non-ASC|
|45930|New|Nor|2008-10-01|httpd.worker MPM fails to reset signal mask before|
|46064|New|Nor|2008-10-22|apr_ldap_init call fails                          |
|46180|New|Nor|2008-11-10|apr_memcache_getp() returns value                 |
|46181|New|Enh|2008-11-10|request feature: ability to connect to a socket un|
|46205|New|Enh|2008-11-13|Extend apr_array with a function to shuffle member|
|46233|New|Maj|2008-11-18|APR does not compile universal binaries on Mac OS |
|46459|New|Enh|2008-12-31|apr_dbm BDB backend: allow db type selection      |
|46540|New|Enh|2009-01-15|apr_thread_pool support doesn't allow for apr_thre|
|46820|New|Nor|2009-03-08|[PATCH] apr_file_mtime_set working with symlinks  |
|46853|New|Nor|2009-03-13|utf8_to_unicode_path breaks .. and . expansion    |
|46937|New|Nor|2009-03-30|apr build error                                   |
|47044|New|Nor|2009-04-17|[Patch] apr_snprintf.c compile failure on AIX main|
|47162|New|Enh|2009-05-06|[PATCH] crypto: read/write support for SSHA-1 (sal|
|47191|New|Min|2009-05-13|Missing sentinel warning                          |
|47258|Inf|Min|2009-05-24|Too many slashes with configure                   |
|47441|New|Enh|2009-06-27|apr_hash: Allow custom key comparison function    |
|47471|New|Enh|2009-07-03|apr_hash: Implement apr_hash_set_if_new()         |
|47501|New|Maj|2009-07-09|[ldap] Setting LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT fails with Ope|
|47572|New|Enh|2009-07-24|It would be nice if apr configure --with-dbm=xdbm |
|47605|New|Enh|2009-07-29|apr-config: support for "--configure"             |
|47879|New|Enh|2009-09-20|add support for libiodbc (alternative to unixODBC)|
|47891|New|Blk|2009-09-22|decision on anonymous shared memory allocation met|
|47892|New|Cri|2009-09-23|configure: error: Could not detect suitable DSO im|
|47931|New|Enh|2009-10-01|It is not possible to use CALL MySQL method with a|
|47932|New|Enh|2009-10-01|apr_dbd_mysql: max_length field of  MYSQL_FIELD st|
|47979|New|Min|2009-10-11|Installed pkg-config returns extraneous informatio|
|48084|New|Nor|2009-10-29|Erasing HTTPD library global variables before rein|
|48247|Inf|Nor|2009-11-20|Apache HTTP server could not respond HEAD message |
|48298|New|Enh|2009-11-29|memcache UDP protocol support ?                   |
|48374|New|Nor|2009-12-11|wrong return value for apr_dir_read on win32      |
|48476|New|Reg|2010-01-02|apr_psprintf() does not parse the ll or hh size sp|
|48491|New|Maj|2010-01-05|pollset_remove() with kqueue is O(n)              |
|48535|New|Nor|2010-01-13|Potential data race on allocator->max_index in all|
|48722|New|Maj|2010-02-10|apr_thread_pool_push may not create a new thread w|
|48739|New|Nor|2010-02-14|large.bin and buffer.bin laying around after test |
|48740|New|Nor|2010-02-14|CP932 conversion table is different from that of W|
|48884|Inf|Nor|2010-03-10|Very hard to cross-compile                        |
|48905|New|Maj|2010-03-13|server processes hang with threaded apache        |
|48918|New|Enh|2010-03-15|Add support for SCTP beyond opening an SCTP socket|
|49064|New|Enh|2010-04-07|APR-util does not support SASL binding            |
|49085|New|Enh|2010-04-11|[PATCH] Speed up file I/O                         |
|49193|New|Enh|2010-04-27|Implement LDAP scope-aware caching in APR-Util    |
|49646|New|Nor|2010-07-25|no data error in apr_dbd_pbquery with odbc driver |
|49840|New|Nor|2010-08-29|apr_allocator_max_free_set is broken with most mal|
|50141|New|Maj|2010-10-22|cross compiling apr fails miserably at configure t|
|50146|New|Blk|2010-10-23|cross compiling apr error: redefinition of 'struct|
|50454|New|Min|2010-12-10|configure fails when apr and apr-util are in diffe|
|51029|New|Nor|2011-04-06|Pipe test failures on Windows                     |
|51033|New|Nor|2011-04-06|APR_DWORD_MAX is useless                          |
|51062|New|Nor|2011-04-14|httpd child process consumes CPU                  |
|51065|New|Nor|2011-04-14|expose socket timeouts in apr_memcache            |
|51215|New|Enh|2011-05-18|Patch for Makefile.in to include all build/ artifa|
|51244|New|Blk|2011-05-23|Incorrect aprlib will be used for aprutil         |
|51288|New|Min|2011-05-29|testfnmatch                                       |
|51295|New|Nor|2011-05-30|Unable to load library using apr_dso_load with spe|
|51307|New|Maj|2011-06-01|Build error: ldap/apr_ldap_rebind.c               |
|51368|New|Nor|2011-06-13|test failures on MinGW                            |
|51392|New|Enh|2011-06-17|apr_pool_t thread-safe pool creation              |
|51542|New|Nor|2011-07-22|Apache HTTP Server vs PVS-Studio                  |
|51560|New|Nor|2011-07-26|apr_stat for APR_FINFO_NORM using GetEffectiveRigh|
|51700|New|Enh|2011-08-21|Sacrifice of accuracy in apr_cvt (in apr_snprintf.|
|51724|New|Nor|2011-08-25|[PATCH] Invalid detection of apr_size_t and apr_ss|
|51729|Inf|Blk|2011-08-28|Apr-util does not compile with apache 2.2.19      |
|52065|New|Maj|2011-10-20|redeclaration of structs in apr.h                 |
|52068|New|Enh|2011-10-21|Support "truepath-conversion" / "truename" renames|
|52167|New|Maj|2011-11-10|Cross-compiled libapr produces mutex exception in |
|52198|New|Nor|2011-11-16|incomplete results from poll/unix/select.c:impl_po|
|52528|New|Nor|2012-01-25|apr_dbd_get_driver doesn't clean up nice when fail|
|52785|New|Nor|2012-02-28|testall fails if pool debug is enabled            |
|53082|New|Nor|2012-04-13|apr_xml_to_text does not properly escape entities |
|53263|New|Nor|2012-05-18|rpmbuild fails with "nss native error -8128:  (SEC|
|53425|New|Trv|2012-06-16|Make more cross compiler friendly at configure tim|
|53426|New|Trv|2012-06-16|apr_hints: Fixed underquoted definitions          |
|53427|New|Nor|2012-06-16|apr_network: Fixed underquoted definitions added a|
|53428|New|Min|2012-06-16|apr_threads: Fixed underquoted definitions added a|
|53448|Inf|Nor|2012-06-21|MOD_AUTH_CAS: Error parsing XML content for 'decb1|
|53609|New|Cri|2012-07-27|Apache hangs with terminated signal 6             |
|53629|Inf|Nor|2012-07-31|Error building APR-iconv for x64                  |
|53666|New|Cri|2012-08-06|The Sybase/FreeTDS driver is broken -- misparses t|
|53687|New|Nor|2012-08-09|Minor fixes to test/dbd.c                         |
|53689|New|Nor|2012-08-09|apr_dbd_prepare should pass offsets to the drivers|
|53809|Inf|Nor|2012-08-31|apr_accept never sets remote_ip_unkown            |
|53906|New|Nor|2012-09-19|make check failures testsockets testime test_exp_g|
|54091|New|Enh|2012-11-02|Adding an api to block for a timeout on a queue po|
|54092|New|Nor|2012-11-02|crypto include fix, and make uuid collision less l|
|54093|New|Nor|2012-11-02|Adding support for 'll' (long long) to snprintf   |
|54214|New|Nor|2012-11-27|1.4.6: testlfs failes with a SEGV                 |
|54291|New|Nor|2012-12-13|Modules build on Windows                          |
|54322|New|Nor|2012-12-17|'apu-1-config --includes' is mistake              |
|54352|Inf|Blk|2012-12-27|testxml crashes on latest stable 1.5.1            |
|54550|Unc|Enh|2013-02-11|Feature request: insert an entry into hash-table, |
|54554|New|Nor|2013-02-12|apr_pool_cleanup_null loop                        |
|54643|New|Maj|2013-03-06|Application exception from Apache 2.4.3 (with APR |
|54922|New|Cri|2013-05-03|apr_snprintf undefined reference to modf          |
|55090|New|Min|2013-06-11|Bundled apr.spec doesn't allow to build 32-bit RPM|
|55091|New|Nor|2013-06-11|[PATCH] DBD, DBM and DSO initialisation variables |
|55199|New|Nor|2013-07-05|broken APR cross-compile build on Linux for FreeBS|
|55299|New|Nor|2013-07-23|apr_uri_parse("login?src=http://www.apache.org";) a|
|55417|New|Nor|2013-08-14|Cannot find OpenSSL libs due to missing inter-libr|
|55520|New|Nor|2013-09-04|Expose sha2 implementation to users               |
|55678|New|Nor|2013-10-19|apr_match_glob("/*", ... ) doesn't work.          |
|55738|New|Nor|2013-11-03|PVS-Studio: few issues                            |
|55775|New|Blk|2013-11-13|Can't commit more than 65 object with svn client (|
|55832|New|Nor|2013-12-01|[PATCH] apr_strnatcmp doesn't work correctly with |
|55894|New|Enh|2013-12-17|patch for SO_REUSEPORT                            |
|55912|New|Nor|2013-12-19|Pipe creation may fail on Windows in apr_file_pipe|
|56030|New|Nor|2014-01-18|give getopt error codes for localisation          |
|56063|New|Nor|2014-01-25|testcond deadlocks on Tru64 V4.0F (PK8)           |
|56092|New|Nor|2014-01-30|configure check for depend program should also try|
|56120|New|Enh|2014-02-07|Add support for 'z' (size_t) to snprintf          |
|56232|New|Nor|2014-03-07|Incorrect apt-util-1.pc using --with-expat=builtin|
|56255|New|Maj|2014-03-13|RPM build error: File not found by glob: apr_dbd_p|
|56342|Opn|Nor|2014-04-03|cannot build apr with mingw-w64                   |
|56477|New|Nor|2014-04-30|Saving pointer pointer to string of unknown origin|
|56520|New|Nor|2014-05-13|Unchecked Return Value malloc() in win32 timestr o|
|56631|New|Nor|2014-06-16|apr-util "make test" fail                         |
|56654|New|Cri|2014-06-21|apr_skiplist sometimes corrupts                   |
|56679|New|Enh|2014-06-28|apr_hash: Allow specification of the initial max s|
|56727|Opn|Cri|2014-07-16|HTTP request failed after listening on multiple po|
|56758|Opn|Nor|2014-07-22|HTTP running process id becomes garbage in httpd.p|
|56866|New|Min|2014-08-17|[PATCH] build: Correctly use AC_(PATH|CHECK)_TOOL |
|56944|New|Nor|2014-09-10|Prevent endless loop on pool cleanup              |
|56946|New|Nor|2014-09-10|vformatter should always treat ll format prefix as|
|56947|New|Nor|2014-09-10|Add apr_pool_mutex_set()                          |
|56948|New|Nor|2014-09-10|Return the tag from apr_pool_tag()                |
|56949|New|Nor|2014-09-10|Add thread priority support for *nix and MS Window|
|56950|New|Nor|2014-09-10|Return success if socket is already closed        |
|56951|New|Enh|2014-09-10|Add apr_queue_pop_timeout()                       |
|57058|New|Nor|2014-10-05|Fix cross-compilation                             |
|57186|Inf|Trv|2014-11-05|/bin/sh dependency                                |
|57297|New|Nor|2014-12-02|build dbd.m4 sed command is too broad             |
|57359|New|Maj|2014-12-17|Race (?) condition in make install                |
|57498|New|Nor|2015-01-26|segfault on apr_dbd_pgsql.c (apr_dbd_transaction_s|
|57575|New|Nor|2015-02-12|Can't crossbuild  apr-1.5.1 for ARM               |
|57690|Inf|Nor|2015-03-11|build from svn fails due to check for libtool.  re|
|57877|New|Nor|2015-04-30|Adding a buffer using apr_file_buffer_set() leaves|
|57900|New|Nor|2015-05-07|GDBM backend: error returned on fetch and delete f|
|57955|New|Enh|2015-05-27|Be able to control the TCP keepalive idle time    |
|58123|New|Nor|2015-07-11|apr_proc_create does not quote APR_SHELLCMD argume|
|58134|New|Nor|2015-07-13|Typo in DOAP: progamming                          |
|58152|New|Nor|2015-07-19|apr_pool_create returns the same pool (pointer) af|
|58189|New|Cri|2015-07-29|7.0.59 (APR1.5.0) Suddenly increase busy threads (|
|58324|New|Min|2015-09-03|ibiblio APR mirror does not list gpg keys         |
|58473|New|Nor|2015-10-02|iconv unnecessary includes unistd.h on Windows    |
|58476|New|Nor|2015-10-03|include for stdint.h missing in apr_dbd_odbc.c    |
|58668|New|Maj|2015-11-30|sqlite_prepare() is unable to handle foreign_keys |
|59057|New|Blk|2016-02-24|APR_VERSION_STRING_CSV from apr_version.h is malfo|
|59070|New|Nor|2016-02-25|read error for CLOB in Oracle dbd driver          |
|59072|New|Nor|2016-02-25|dbd multi-statement test fails on Oracle          |
|59109|New|Trv|2016-03-03|Insufficient documentation for apr_crypto_passphra|
|59272|New|Nor|2016-04-04|TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT socket option treated as a toggle|
|59332|New|Nor|2016-04-15|apr_dbd_mysql not building with apr-util-1.5.4 und|
|59546|New|Nor|2016-05-13|APR wouldn't generate doxygen docs when workspace |
|59698|New|Nor|2016-06-13|"The system cannot find the path specified." when |
|59711|New|Nor|2016-06-15|double free issue in apr_app.c and start.c on Wind|
|59721|New|Nor|2016-06-19|"The system cannot find the path specified." when |
|59725|New|Nor|2016-06-19|linker error: precompiled object not linked in    |
|59755|New|Nor|2016-06-27|testxlate fails due to several APR-util makefile.w|
|59756|New|Nor|2016-06-27|testxlate UTF7 conversion test failures           |
|59767|New|Nor|2016-06-27|testreslist test fails randomly                   |
|59817|New|Cri|2016-07-07|Potentially uninitialized variable in iconv_ces_eu|
|59818|New|Nor|2016-07-07|Potentially uninitialized variable in apr_thread_p|
|59822|New|Nor|2016-07-07|Potentially uninitialized variable in iconv.c apr_|
|59914|New|Nor|2016-07-31|[patch] poll/unix/kqueue.c IPv6 to IPv4 fallback d|
|60191|New|Nor|2016-09-30|libapr computes incorrect size for dirent structur|
|61080|Unc|Nor|2017-05-08|apr_sockaddr_info_get() with hostname is NULL     |
|61333|Inf|Nor|2017-07-24|undefined symbol: apr_siphash48_auth              |
|61379|Inf|Nor|2017-08-03|Windows builds fail, because /xml/expat directory |
|61582|New|Nor|2017-10-02|The DBD can't connect to the MySQL server via IPv6|
|61636|New|Nor|2017-10-19|testcrypto tries to test both OpenSSL and NSS, reg|
|61985|New|Nor|2018-01-10|Incorrect time-out blocking dropped connection    |
|61996|New|Enh|2018-01-14|cmake build environment for windows should honor B|
|61997|New|Enh|2018-01-14|cmake build environment for windows should have an|
|62056|New|Nor|2018-01-29|overflow_strfsize undefined behavior, fails to com|
|62134|New|Maj|2018-02-26|apr_fnmatch_test is wrong on wild-card string with|
|62135|New|Maj|2018-02-26|apr_fnmatch: inconsistency between description and|
|62342|New|Maj|2018-05-01|apr_dbd_mysql Lacks TLS Support                   |
|62410|New|Nor|2018-05-25|Default setting for XML_PARSER in Makefile.win cau|
|62416|New|Nor|2018-05-29|CMake build problem                               |
|62555|New|Nor|2018-07-19|apr_itoa incorrectly shows least integer value (-2|
|62631|New|Nor|2018-08-17|apr-util-1.6.1 fail to compile with mysql8        |
|62656|New|Nor|2018-08-27|Regarding translation of apr libraries of apache m|
|62702|New|Nor|2018-09-10|Apparent locking issues in make test on Ubuntu-on-|
|62862|New|Nor|2018-10-29|apr_dbd_get_entry returns undocumented error code |
|62927|Unc|Nor|2018-11-19|apr_file_print says success on failure            |
|63139|New|Maj|2019-02-03|apr_crypto_openssl.dll can cause an endless loop w|
|63321|New|Nor|2019-04-07|explicit_memset support                           |
|63388|Opn|Nor|2019-04-25|Apache fails to start with "(38)Function not imple|
|63413|New|Nor|2019-05-09|Build fails on Windows 10 due to "apr_xml.obj : er|
|63439|New|Nor|2019-05-15|Directory and files in `/usr/share/build-1/` insta|
|63632|New|Nor|2019-08-05|reslist kills all idle connections when acquiring |
|63782|New|Nor|2019-09-29|Fix PATH_MAX detection by including sys/param.h if|
|64147|New|Nor|2020-02-16|apr_escape_shell() does not escape whitespace     |
|64151|New|Maj|2020-02-18|APR allocator_destroy crash                       |
|64154|New|Nor|2020-02-18|Build uses the "python" binary which is now ambigu|
|64170|New|Nor|2020-02-21|Check for too long file names                     |
|64233|New|Nor|2020-03-17|apr does not quit neatly                          |
|64273|New|Nor|2020-03-27|apr-util: apr_brigade_split_line leaves empty buck|
|64293|New|Trv|2020-03-31|Standard website components                       |
|64324|New|Nor|2020-04-09|SIGSEGV in apr_bucket_free()                      |
|64370|New|Min|2020-04-21|[CMakeLists.txt] Resolve CMP0026 warning; [PrintPa|
|64464|New|Nor|2020-05-20|SIGSEGV in apr_getnameinfo                        |
|64681|New|Nor|2020-08-20|Apache make fails if (./configure --with-included-|
|64746|New|Nor|2020-09-17|our_ftok() can produce SHM ids with low order bits|
|64753|New|Nor|2020-09-19|Can not determine the proper size for pid_t       |
|64884|New|Nor|2020-11-08|tet suite is failing                              |
|64913|New|Nor|2020-11-10|IPv6 addresses in square brackets not matched     |
|65297|New|Nor|2021-05-10|Why is there a limited number of 'arch' headers in|
|65325|New|Nor|2021-05-22|./configure with local --with-apr and --with-apr-i|
|65480|New|Nor|2021-08-04|make fails undefined reference to `uuid_generate@U|
|65837|New|Nor|2022-01-23|apr_generate_random_bytes macOs support update    |
|65948|New|Nor|2022-03-10|What is the purpose of 'decode' before the subject|
|66239|New|Nor|2022-08-25|Files missing from trunk                          |
|66364|New|Nor|2022-11-26|"error: ‘mutex_proc_pthread_methods’ undeclare|
|66435|New|Nor|2023-01-20|APR_USE_SHMEM_MMAP_SHM fails on AIX               |
|66457|New|Nor|2023-02-02|testatomic:  Line 908: Unexpected value           |
|66469|New|Maj|2023-02-06|apr-1-config fails in merged-usr environment      |
|66484|New|Nor|2023-02-21|Value of CC from configure script is not respected|
|66495|New|Nor|2023-02-27|Parallel build fails                              |
|66497|New|Nor|2023-02-27|PGP key bundle link (apr.asc) on apr project downl|
|66498|New|Nor|2023-02-27|my_bool removed after MySQL 8.0.1                 |
|66510|New|Nor|2023-03-06|apr-1-config generates invalid iformation when cal|
|66516|New|Nor|2023-03-07|apr_proc_create UB/IDB                            |
|66560|New|Nor|2023-04-09|make test fails with undefined reference to sys_si|
|66570|New|Nor|2023-04-19|test testxlate fails on musl/linux                |
|66572|Inf|Nor|2023-04-19|error in a apr DOAP file                          |
|66605|New|Nor|2023-05-19|testatomic dumps core on Solarsi x86 with APR 1.7.|
|66623|New|Nor|2023-06-01|crypto/apr_crypto.c, line 160: undefined symbol: r|
|66673|New|Enh|2023-06-27|FreeBSD: support bdb 1.85 in libc                 |
|67084|New|Nor|2023-08-30|MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT is deprecated in MySQL 8.0.34.|
| Total  281 bugs                                                           |

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