If you can share the config between components by using it in different places then it can indeed work in the same way with blueprint. I always though the idea in DS would be to only inject the config at one place. (Lots to learn still :-)


On 12.10.2016 09:29, David Jencks wrote:
I’m afraid I don’t understand what the problems you see are, perhaps because I 
use blueprint so infrequently.  Could you provide little code snippets to 

Recall that in the DS approach many components in the same bundle can use the 
same pid, and that a config annotation used by a DS component doesn’t have to 
use all of the expected configuration properties. Whatever information happens 
to be in the configuration is stuffed into the annotation however it will fit.  
So each component can have an annotation with only the properties it actually 
is interested in.

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