The error in m2e also appears on the 1.4.0 version. So I don't think it is a problem with our release. So I can vote now.

+1 (binding)


On 01.12.2016 11:33, Christian Schneider wrote:
I just checked and tested the release.
The artifacts look good. Signatures are in place and licenses also seem to be present.

I tested the new version on my first tutorial. The maven build works fine but I get an error from m2e in eclipse. See:

I will look into it and vote later today. I hope it is just a problem of m2e.


On 30.11.2016 15:01, Dominik Przybysz wrote:
I've staged a release for vote at:

Release Notes - Aries blueprint-maven-plugin-spi 1.0.0 &
blueprint-maven-plugin-annotation 1.0.0 & blueprint-maven-plugin 1.5.0

** Bugs:
* [ARIES-1596] Exception when running blueprint-maven-plugin
* [ARIES-1555] Cannot build blueprint-maven-plugin

** Improvements:
* [ARIES-1619] Add javadoc in blueprint maven plugin spi
* [ARIES-1611] Blueprint plugin: support javax.cdi.Transactional annotation * [ARIES-1610] Blueprint plugin: check namespace patterns instead conrete
* [ARIES-1602] Remove annotations from Blueprint Maven Plugin model package
and make them using only SPI
* [ARIES-1599] Add new goal to blueprint maven plugin - add-resource-dir in
generate-resources phase
* [ARIES-1598] Generate blueprint file in generated-sources/blueprint
* [ARIES-1597] blueprint-maven-plugin new option to override generatedDir
* [ARIES-1570] Prepare extension machanism in blueprint maven plugin
* [ARIES-1568] Support @DependsOn annotation
* [ARIES-1566] Support @Lazy annotation
* [ARIES-1563] Add field-injection attribute only if bean needs it
* [ARIES-1562] Allow for setter injection in blueprint-maven-plugin
* [ARIES-1561] Produced bean could be exposed as Service in

** New features:
* [ARIES-1628] Allow to configure beans with pure annotations
* [ARIES-1606] Extract SPI from blueptin maven plugin to external project * [ARIES-1605] Add custom preperties map in plugin and spi handler for init


Please review and vote:
   [ ] +1 Release the above artifacts
   [ ] -1 Do not

Here is my +1 (non-binding)

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