Thomas Watson created ARIES-1662:

             Summary: Inconsistent behavior when an interceptor.preCall throws 
an exception
                 Key: ARIES-1662
             Project: Aries
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Blueprint
            Reporter: Thomas Watson

Depending on if there is only one interceptor or multiple interceptors the 
class org.apache.aries.blueprint.proxy.SingleInterceptorCollaborator or 
org.apache.aries.blueprint.proxy.Collaborator gets used.

When org.apache.aries.blueprint.proxy.Collaborator is used and an 
interceptor.preCall throws an exception then that same interceptor has its 
postInvokeExceptionalReturn method called with a null token.  But if the 
org.apache.aries.blueprint.proxy.SingleInterceptorCollaborator is used then the 
interceptor is called with a token of 

Before the performance improvement from ARIES-1319 interceptors always got a 
null token in this situation.  The behavior should be consistent and I think 
the token should remain null in this case since that was the prior behavior.

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