Thanks Krisztian for the update and all your work on this.

We need a PMC member to step up to be the release manager for 0.10.
Ideally they should undertake one or more dry runs of simulating the
0.10 release so we aren't faced with any surprises when we go to cut
the release on ~July 23.

I moved the release management guide to Confluence:

so we should ensure that there aren't any snowflake-y / undocumented
aspects to the release build workflow.

- Wes

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 11:54 AM, Krisztián Szűcs
<> wrote:
> Hi All!
> Just want to send a quick summary about the packaging.
> What's working:
> python wheel builds
> conda package builds (the recent conda forge changes caused some unexpected 
> problems)
> linux package builds (enriched with ubuntu bionic)
> scheduled daily builds (triggered by travis)
> query build statuses from the CLI (see output 
> (
> download and gpg sign the binary artifacts
> What's partially working:
> binary artifact uploading (most of them are uploaded though)
> We have package name collisions due to uploading multiple tasks' artifacts to 
> a single github release
> (see for example: 
> (
>  We used to postfix
> these assets with the particular architecture, but we need a more robust 
> solution without renaming
> anything (either by creating tarballs or uploading to multiple release tags).
> All-in-all it's in quite good shape, I'll work on to refactor the artifact 
> uploading and finish the
> remaining jira tasks. IMHO we should start to test the whole release 
> procedure from next Monday
> and ship a couple of test releases before We reach July 20th.
> - Krisztian

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