On 22/07/2017 00:00, Madhan Neethiraj (JIRA) wrote:
> Madhan Neethiraj created ATLAS-1982:

>               Summary: Update referenced to "incubator" in website
When INFRA update the mailing lists, I presume the old subscriber list is still in place? -> Users should update any email filters they have to use the new addresses (ie for auto filing)
 -> No other explicit action is needed?

Also worth noting is that back in 2015 I had the atlas mailing lists replicated onto gmane.org. This allows access via nntp (gmane.comp.apache.incubator.atlas.devel etc). For those who don't know, gmane has had a chequered recent history. It was down for a while, and then moved to a new owner. Whilst the newsgroups are now working I'm sceptical any updates will get handled promptly. I will though try and contact them to update the lists. I have no idea whether inbound, outbound may stop working - nor indeed who finds them useful (I do!). User remains absent from this mirror.


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