Dear Atlas development team,


I am a SW engineer working at Inspur China. Now I am using Atlas for data
government. But I hava some questions, may I ask you about that?


1. The Atlas version 0.9 is in development phase, I can see the version
0.9-SNAPSHOT published on your website and then where can I get the 0.9

  And when will the 0.9 formal release be published?


2. I see the 0.9 version will support Spark Integration, NiFi Integration
and so on in “cwiki” page, but in the 0.9-incubating issues page, I don’t
see these features.

  So will the 0.9 version support them?


The Atlas is a very useful program for data government, it helps my company
so much.

Thanks a lot! 



Best regards,

Junheng Cui



Software Development Engineer of R&D Center of INSPUR SOFTWARE Co., Ltd

Address:1036 Langchao Road, Jinan, Shandong Province, China 


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