+0 a few minor licensing/header issues and may not pass an incubator vote.

If this come up to vote on the incubator list I’d probably vote +1 and ask that 
they be fixed in the next release but others may vote differently.

I checked:
- has incubating in name
- signature and hashes correct
- NOTICE not updated for 2016
- LICENSE is missing sizzle.js bundled inside [3], glyph icons license [4] see 
bottom of [5] for details, and normalise.css [6]
- No unexpected binary files
- ASF files have ASF header
- Can compile from source

Another minor issue:
- Two files have a copyright year in the ASF header [1][2]

This fictional example I created may help [7][8] as it also bundles bootstrap.


1. ./src/test/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/test_cron.py
2. ./src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/cron.py
3. ./src/main/python/apache/thermos/observer/http/assets/jquery.js
5. http://glyphicons.com/license/
7. https://github.com/justinmclean/ApacheWombat
8. https://vimeo.com/171210141

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