- the build result status (Success, Failure, Error) is now also posted on
the PR
    (see https://github.com/apache/bahir/pull/30#issuecomment-271431952)

Kind regards,
Christian Kadner

From:   Luciano Resende <lrese...@apache.org>
To:     dev@bahir.apache.org
Date:   01/09/2017 02:11 PM
Subject:        Automated PR Builder for Bahir

Forwarding this to dev list for broader the audience.

Thank you Christian for working and getting this figured out.

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From: Christian Kadner <notificati...@github.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 1:39 PM
Subject: Re: [apache/bahir] Update NOTICE (#32)
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@lresende <https://github.com/lresende> -- The Pull Request Builder now
does the following:

   - when a new PR gets created by non-admin user then Jenkins will use the
   new ApacheBahir user to post Can one of the admins verify this patch?
   for which I will receive an email notification
      - admin users are determined by a Jenkins setting with list of GitHub
      user names, current admins are you, Alan and myself
   - if an admin creates a new PR, Jenkins will start a build right away
   - once a build completes the ApacheBahir user will post that the build
   is finished and post a link to the build results
   - an admin can whitelist the PR creator
   - admins or whitelisted users can trigger (re)builds with phrases like
   to test or retest this please
   - new commits pushed to a previously tested PR trigger rebuilds
   - things that still don't work:
      - including the build status (Success, Failure, Error) in the posted
      - posting build logs or build log portions (i.e. the last 20 lines of
      the maven build output)

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