Ire Sun created BAHIR-122:

             Summary: [PubSub] Make "ServiceAccountCredentials" really 
                 Key: BAHIR-122
             Project: Bahir
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: Spark Streaming Connectors
            Reporter: Ire Sun

The origin implementation broadcast the key file path to Spark cluster, then 
the executor read key file with the broadcasted path. Which is absurd, if you 
are using a shared Spark cluster in a group/company, you certainly not want to 
(and have no right to) put your key file on each instance of the cluster.

If you store the key file on driver node and submit your job to a remote 
cluster. You would get the following warning:
{{WARN ReceiverTracker: Error reported by receiver for stream 0: Failed to pull 
messages -}}

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