dalongliu created BAHIR-228:

             Summary: Flink SQL supports kudu sink
                 Key: BAHIR-228
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/BAHIR-228
             Project: Bahir
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: Flink Streaming Connectors
            Reporter: dalongliu

currently, for Flink-1.10.0, we can use the catalog to store our stream table 
sink for kudu, it should exist a kudu table sink so we can register it to 
catalog, and use kudu as a table in SQL environment.

we can use kudu table sink like this:
KuduOptions options = KuduOptions.builder() .setKuduMaster(kuduMaster) 
.setTableName(kuduTable) .build(); KuduWriterOptions writerOptions = 
KuduWriterOptions.builder() .setWriteMode(KuduWriterMode.UPSERT) 
.setFlushMode(FlushMode.AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND) .build(); KuduTableSink 
tableSink = KuduTableSink.builder() .setOptions(options) 
.setWriterOptions(writerOptions) .setTableSchema(schema) .build(); 
tEnv.registerTableSink("kudu", tableSink);  
tEnv.sqlUpdate("insert into kudu select * from source");
I have used kudu table sink to sync data in company's production environment, 
the writing  speed at 50000/s in upsert mode

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