Dmitry Gorbatsevich created BAHIR-233:

             Summary: Add SNS message support for SQS structured streaming 
                 Key: BAHIR-233
             Project: Bahir
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: Spark Structured Streaming Connectors
            Reporter: Dmitry Gorbatsevich

h3. Motivation 

Current implementation of SQS streaming connector handles the following "route" 
of the s3 notification event: 

1. S3 -> SQS -> Spark 

This approach works just fine until you need to have multiple listeners 
(consumers) for the same S3 path. In case multiple applications require to 
listen and process same S3 path the following approach is recommended: 

2. S3 -> SNS -> SQS -> Spark 

In this case we can route messages from 1 SNS topic to multiple different SQS 
queues. This enables an ability to listen same S3 path for multiple 
applications Using approach #2, original S3 notification is wrapped into SNS 
message and then delivered to the SQS queue. (link to the [AWS 
 describing SNS message format) 

To extract original S3 event from SNS message one need to look at "Message" 
field in json document.  

h4. Proposed approach 

# Add option to the s3-sqs connector: "messageWrapper" 
# It can be 'None' or 'SNS' 
# Default value is 'None' 
In case if 'SNS' is specified – "unwrap" original s3 notification event from 
SNS message and continue processing.

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