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On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 1:24 PM Reuven Lax <> wrote:

> We're looking at renaming the BeamRecord class
> <>, that was used for columnar
> data. There was sufficient discussion on the naming, that I want to make
> sure the dev list is aware of naming plans here.
> BeamRecord is a columnar, field-based record. Currently it's used by
> BeamSQL, and the plan is to use it for schemas as well. "Record" is a
> confusing name for this class, as all elements in the Beam model are
> referred to as "records," whether or not they have schemas. "Row" is a much
> clearer name.
> There was a lot of discussion whether to name this BeamRow or just plain
> Row (in the org.apache.beam.values namespace). The argument in favor of
> BeamRow was so that people aren't forced to qualify their type names in the
> case of a conflict with a Row from another package. The argument in favor
> of Row was that it's a better name, it's in the Beam namespace anyway, and
> it's what the rest of the world (Cassandra, Hive, Spark, etc.) calls
> similar classes.
> RIght not consensus on the PR is leaning to Row. If you feel strongly,
> please speak up :)
> Reuven

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