Hello Beamers,

I’m Yanael, student in computer science, for my last year of my master
degree I’m focusing on big data and distributed systems.
I have started to work with Beam and I’m excited to know more about the
project. To drove me deeper into it I would like open the hood and
contribute on it.
I wish to contribute trough the Google Summer of Code program, to do that I
need to make a project proposal.
May I ask if you have some ideas, issues that could be interesting to
contribute? I heard some news about Schema on PCollection and other new
cool features in Java, Scala, Python or Go.
Also It could be awesome if someone of the community can mentor me for the
project and help me to do a great proposal?

I’m excited to ear about your suggestions and I hope my next PR is for
Apache Beam.

Some of my projects here https://github.com/st3w4r

Kind regards,
Yanael Barbier

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