Hello beam community,

I have put together a proposal
and I would like to get some initial feedback to improve upon the ideas

The proposal describes how metrics can be defined and communicated across
the Fn API. Additionally, the proposal describes how to collect custom
metrics without modifying the main beam protos. It also discusses how an
SDK and Runner can be gracefully updated separately to support new metrics.

The Runner must request Metrics from the SDK using a MetricSpec which
describes the metric with a URN string and a corresponding proto. The SDK
can then reply with the populated Metric if it supports the metric's URN
and related protos.

This approach should (hopefully) be general enough to implement all
metrics, including user metrics and allow for graceful updates, user
enabling/disabling metrics collections, etc.

Would you be able to review this as well? I believe that you have also been
looking into Metrics as well and would like to get your feedback.

Proposal (raw link):

Just an FYI, I will be offline until the 26th, but I wanted to send this
out and get some initial feedback. If there are any urgent questions,
Rafael can respond.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. I look forward to
hearing your feedback

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