I figured that it would be good to bump this thread for greater visibility
even though I don't have a strong opinion about this (yet - hopefully, I
will know more later to be able to share ;) ).

Answering the questions Luke asked will unblock this issue:
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/BEAM-5495. Solving it is needed for
Java 11 migration (current detecting mechanism does not work with java >

> That said letting the user resolve the jars to stage can be saner instead
> of assuming it is in the classpath/loader. I already have a few cases where
> it will fail cause the transforms load the jars from outside the app
> classloader (transforms are isolated).

If I understand correctly, at least in Dataflow runner, if users want to
provide custom resources to stage, they can use filesToStage pipeline
option. Once the option is not null, the runner doesn't detect the
resources automatically and stages resources enlisted in the option
instead. I think this should be the approach common for all runners (if it
is not the case already).


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