Hello everyone,

There is an opportunity to host an Apache Beam workshop at the next Data
Day in Mexico City *[1]*. The event will take place on Thursday, March
26th. This is a great opportunity to expand the reach of Apache Beam in a
growing market like Latin America!

If you are looking for more leadership opportunities, this is the perfect
opportunity for you. The workshop can be presented either in English or in
Spanish. If you are interested, Google will help you create the content for
the workshop, drawing on some available training resources, like Apache
Beam Katas *[2]* and previous workshops that have already been developed.

This workshop is an important contribution that will bring more diversity
to the project, making it more accessible and expanding its user and
potentially its contributor base as well. Google Open Source will cover the
cost of sponsorship. More information about Data Day below. Please contact
us if you have any questions or comments.


About Data Day in Ciudad de México


   What: A one-day conference focused on data science in enterprise
   scenarios. The event has been organized since 2016; this will be the 6th
   edition. Data Day has become the leading event for Data Professionals in

   When: March 26, 2020

   Where: Mexico City, Mexico.

   Who will you find there: business executives, data professionals, IT

   2019 attendance: 440 participants (36% data scientist / analyst, 6%
   executive level C, 15% data manager, 43% developer or other)

   2020 expected attendance: 450 participants.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!



[1] https://sg.com.mx/dataday/agenda/

[2] https://beam.apache.org/blog/2019/05/30/beam-kata-release.html

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