Hi James,

just to let you know that I did good progress on the website mockup.

I should be able to propose a PR very soon.

Thanks for your patience ;)


On 06/06/2016 05:29 PM, James Malone wrote:
Hello everyone!

The current design of the Apache Beam website[1] is based on the a basic
Bootstrap/Jekyll theme. While this made getting an initial site out quickly
pretty easy, the site itself is a little bland (in my opinion :). I propose
we create a new design (layout templates, color schemes, visual design) for
the Beam website.

Since the website is currently using Bootstrap and Jekyll, this should be a
relatively easy process. Getting this done will require a new design and
some CSS/HTML work. Additionally, before a design is put in place, I think
it makes sense to discuss any ideas about a future design first.

So, I think there are two open questions behind this proposal:

1. Is there anyone within the community who would be interested in creating
a design proposal or two and sharing them with the community?
2. Are there any ideas, opinions, and thoughts around what the design of
the site *should* be?

What does everyone think?



[1]: http://beam.incubator.apache.org

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