Just a quick note (am in a hurry) that this is interesting Peter. 
It's similar to my blog post about "distributed citation processing"
from a little while ago. This does get at the issue of thinking
through identifiers.

On 10/27/05, pt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've been working on a technical report in OpenOffice.org which will
> eventually require a proper bibliography but I have no idea how I
> might make that when the time comes.
> The following workflow has occurred to me.
> As I write, I've been making hyperlinks to various web resources, lots
> of government pages, but a few refereed papers from various sources.
> This is fine while I'm in draft mode and the document is usable and
> sharable.
> Later, when I want to publish it more formally it would be great if
> some software could find all my links and for each one look for a
> bibliographic reference in my local store (whatever that might be) and
> if there is none search other places that might have bibliographic
> data linked to that URL. If no data can be found it would add an entry
> to my database with as much data as  it could pre-set (eg title may be
> able to be scraped from an HTML page) so I can fill out the rest. Once
> I have entered the data locally it should be aggregated 'up' to my
> workgroup / institution.
> Everything I want to refer to in the report I'm working on now is
> available on the open web, but I could refer to books, say, by
> pointing at the local campus library system on the web (with some
> convention for page references) and that should be enough for smart
> software to automatically grab the details for my bibliography later.
> This is like the idea of adding a citation by reference but without
> needing a formal ID. It's like the EndNote 'cite while you write'
> somewhat backwards, with citation coming long before 'proper' data
> capture.
> To support this I'm thinking that I want a personal version of an
> Institutional Repository, with a full text copy of as much as possible
> of what I cite, not just a bibliographic database. So the
> bibliographic software would fetch stuff that I refer to an archive it
> for me in case it moves or disappears.
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