I agree that the bibliographic functionning need not be within OpenOffice, however just to remind you : Zotero is not the only "working" example out there , Bibus integrates nicely with OO and Word without using the OO integrated database.

True enough.

But to be blunt, Zotero is the only working example that I consider adequate to the full range of citation practice.

Bibus adopts the very limited BibTeX-based data model of ODF 1.0. This already means its limited mostly to the hard sciences. For that reason alone, I can't use it.

Zotero, OTOH, supports a fuller data model. It also supports a fuller range of citation practices common in the social sciences and humanities (and hopefully law):

 - automatic footnoting of note-based references
 - support for ibid.
 - first/subsequent references forms
 - prefix and suffix notes
 - page, line, etc. locators for citations

These kinds of details can impact implementation of course.

But I'd love to see a variety of projects (including Bibus) help us to figure out how to move forward and hopefully converge on a generic solution for integration. To me the ultimate goal is that different users, using different bibliographic applications AND different ODF editors (perhaps even Word) can pass around their documents and have the citations remain "live."

There's a bit of work to do before we can get there of course!

BTW, see Mathias Bauer's recent post no field enhancements coming in OOo 2.4.


That could be an interim solution before the new text:meta-field from ODF 1.2 gets implemented that would give us better functionality and interop with Word.


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