Since Infrastructure is now in sane state again, showing we are in a 
not-so-ugly state, I like to propose to remove "hue" from bigtop.

See the matrix https://ci.bigtop.apache.org/job/Bigtop-trunk-packages/ 
<https://ci.bigtop.apache.org/job/Bigtop-trunk-packages/> (hue does not build 
anywhere right now, due to issues mentioned below)


* The application does not work with recent linux distributions due to 
incompatibilites with openssl version 1.1 default for debian-9, fedora-26 and 
AFAIK opensuse.
   A bugreport https://github.com/cloudera/hue/issues/629 
<https://github.com/cloudera/hue/issues/629> has been issued in november and 
not even answered upstream.

* The application is a contains a lot of outdated python dependencies hidden in 
desktop/core/ext-py . Trying to fix that opened a can of worms.
  BIGTOP-2960, BIGTOP-2952, BIGTOP-2946

* I am withdrawing from maintainer state of hue.


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