God speed, Peter!

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>Major congrats to Peter! Well deserved!
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>From: Phil Steitz <phil.ste...@gmail.com>
>Date: Wed, May 16, 2018 at 5:15 PM
>Subject: ASF Board Meeting Summary - May 16, 2018
>To: committ...@apache.org
>The May board meeting took place on the 16th.
>The April minutes were approved.
>Minutes will be posted to
>All of the received reports to the board were approved.
>The following resolutions were passed unanimously:
>  A. Change the Apache MINA Project Chair (Guillaume Nodet, VP)
>  B. Change the Apache Bigtop Project Chair (Peter Linnell, VP)
>  C. Change the Apache Hadoop Project Chair (Vinod Kumar
>Vavilapalli, VP)
>  D. Establish the Apache Traffic Control Project (David Neuman, VP)
>  E. Change the Apache Giraph Project Chair (Dionysios Logothetis, VP)
>  F. Change the Apache Camel Project Chair (Andrea Cosentino, VP)
>  G. Change the Apache Incubator Project Chair (Justin Mclean, VP)
>The next board meeting will be on the 20th of June.

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