On 17 May 2018 at 13:21, Jun HE <ryan.j...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, guys,
> As bigtop has simplified the way to create docker images for distros, by
> BIGTOP-2922, I'm thinking of multi-arch docker images support to ease
> building/test/development.
> Multi-arch feature has been supported since 2017, you may check this link:
> https://blog.docker.com/2017/11/multi-arch-all-the-things/
> In simple words, multi-arch is a virtual image which contains several
> architecture dependent images. When user try to pull this virtual image
> dockhub will send back the actual image based on the architecture he is
> using.
> Use multi-arch will help:
> * development: user don't have to issue different cmd to pull puppet/slaves
> images, "docker pull bigtop/slaves:trunk-debian-9" is enough instead of 
> "docker
> pull bigtop/slaves:trunk-debian-9-ppc64le" or "docker pull
> bigtop/slaves:trunk-debian-9-aarch64"
> * test: unified yaml file for same distro. refer example in
> provisioner/docker/config_*
> So how do you think? :)

Thanks Jun for initiating the thread.
+1 this makes sense. Is there any reason why we have not consider for
using multi-arch images ? If anybody explains advantage/disadvantage
of using multi-arch docker image in bigtop, it will help us to
understand in a better way.

> Regards,
> Jun

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