Il sab 5 ago 2017, 21:55 Sijie Guo <> ha scritto:

> Updates (from JV and me)
> - branch 4.5 is created (JV) :
> - master is bumped to 4.6.0-SNAPSHOT (JV)
> - CI is back to normal after skipping running code coverage (sijie)
> Committers,
> New changes are okay to merge to master now. If a change needs to be in
> 4.5, please also cherry-pick to 4.5 following the instructions promoted in
> `dev/`.
> Next Steps:
> JV and me attempted to create a release candidate. However we have a
> problem to publish the artifacts to the staging. It pushed directly to the
> snapshots. I doubt it is something related to the changes Enrico made for
> publishing to snapshots. Will investigate and figure out how to do that.

Actually I did not change anything in order to push snapshots. It is the
standard maven workflow:
The deploy goal deploys to the snapshots repository if the version ends
with -snapshot
It deploys to the relase repository otherwise.
The only real change was to update the apache parent pom, with drives the
whole deploy process

Hope that help

Expect a release candidate come out soon.
> - Sijie

-- Enrico Olivelli

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