Hi all,

JV and me had a chat today about metadata storage. As we discussed, I am
raising a BP for exploring using Etcd as the metadata store and pushing a
prototype change (which I did that one year and half ago).

The prototype branch was just for showing how the metadata interfaces can
be implemented using jetcd api. It only implements some of operations that
required attentions, such as how do we do service discovery, ledger id
generation, cas update/delete and iteration / get a list of bookies.

I would like someone from the community (maybe from salesforce) can pickup
the prototype and push it forward. so he can play closer with etcd api and
know better how ectd will perform as a metadata store comparing to

Please take a look and comments are welcome.

BP: https://github.com/apache/bookkeeper/pull/1113
Prototype: https://github.com/apache/bookkeeper/pull/1114

- Sijie

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