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this development.
     ### New Features
    +#### Improved Blueprints
    +Significant work has gone into making YAML blueprints more powerful.
    +The DSL is more expressive and a variety of new general-purpose entities,
    +enrichers and policies have been written.
    +New general-purpose constructs:
    +* The `InvokeEffectorOnSensorChange` and 
    +  policies execute effectors on entities whenever a target sensor changes.
    +* `ProxyEffector` forwards effector invocations from one entity to another.
    +* `ConditionalEntity` creates an entity based on the truth of a config key
    +  (e.g. `$brooklyn:scopeRoot().config("enable.loadBalancer")`).
    +* `OnPublicNetworkEnricher` grants finer control of mapping public
    +  and private network addresses to sensors.
    +* `PercentageEnricher` publishes the ratio of two sensors.
    +New blueprint DSL features:
    +* `$brooklyn:entity` supports nested function calls,
    +* `$brookln:getImmediately` resolves values immediately and throws if it 
    +* `$brooklyn:object` supports parameterised constructors and static 
factory methods, hugely increasing the range of objects that can be injected 
into entities,
    +* `$brooklyn:entityId` returns the target entity's ID, and
    +* `$brooklyn:self` accesses the resolving task's context entity.
    +#### Bundled entities
    +There have been many updates to the entities bundled with Brooklyn. In 
    +* `DynamicCluster` allows configuration of member removal strategies.
    +* The `Transformer` enricher can be triggered by events on multiple 
    +* `ZooKeeperNode` publishes main.uri and `ZooKeeperEnsemble` aggregates
    +  hosts and ports into comma-separated list under `zookeeper.endpoints`.
    +* `BindDnsServer` listens on all interfaces and supports Centos and RHEL.
    +* `NginxController` supports proxying with TLS client certificates.
    +* `RiakNode` optionally configures security groups for intra-node 
    +  when supported by the target cloud.
    +* `PostgreSqlNode` can be configured to grant [user 
    +* `SharedLocationSecurityGroupCustomizer` enables security group 
    +  configuration in yaml blueprints.
    +* Feeds no longer poll if their entity is unmanaged.
    +Several new test-case entities are introduced:
    +* `TestHttpCall` 
[supports]( a greatly 
expanded range of options.
    +* `TestEndpointReachable` tests that a TCP endpoint can be reached.
    +* `TestWinrmCommand` tests the success of commands in Windows instances.
    +* `RelativeEntityTestCase` lets you write test cases that resolve their 
target from another entity.
    +Additionally, location customisers can now be attached to entities as
    +initialisers, rather than having to dig into their `templateOptions`.
    +#### Brooklyn server
    +* The REST API requires CSRF headers for non-GET and HEAD requests when
    +  sessions are in effect.
    +  See 
    +  for details.
    +* The catalogue scanner can be configured with whitelists and blacklists
    +  of bundle IDs to control which bundles may present applications in the 
    +* The Karaf distribution includes equivalents of the
    +  [cloud explorer 
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