Hi Apache bRPC Community,

This is a call for vote to release Apache bRPC version 1.8.0

[Release Note]

- Support multi bthread worker group with tag (#2358) (#2476)  by @yanglimingcn
- Support user callback after sending response before request/response
object destruction (#2328) by @yockie
- Support url safe base64 (#2337) by @chenBright
- Support loongarch64 (#2364) by @zhaixiaojuan
- Support compile with boringssl (#2399) by @ehds
- Support user fields of baidu protocol (#2406) by @chenBright
- Support client ALPN (#2251) by @Menci
- Support c++20 coroutine (#2121) by @wwbmmm
- Support grpc health check (#2493) by @jiangyt-git
- Support A Multiple Producer, Single Consumer Queue (#2492) by @chenBright
- Support async logging (#2413) by @chenBright
- Support memory builtin service (#2505) by @chenBright

For more information, see

The release candidates:

Git tag for the release:

Release Commit ID:

Keys to verify the Release Candidate:

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours or until the necessary number of
votes are reached.

Please vote accordingly:
[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove with the reason

PMC vote is +1 binding, all others are +1 non-binding.

Checklist for reference:
[ ] Download links are valid.
[ ] Checksums and PGP signatures are valid.
[ ] Source code distributions have correct names matching the current
[ ] LICENSE and NOTICE files are correct for each brpc repo.
[ ] All files have license headers if necessary.
[ ] No compiled archives bundled in source archive.

Weibing Wang

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