yanbinyang opened a new issue, #2542:
URL: https://github.com/apache/brpc/issues/2542

   **Describe the bug (描述bug)**
   **To Reproduce (复现方法)**
   魔改 echo_c++ 中的 server.cpp
   int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
       // Parse gflags. We recommend you to use gflags as well.
       GFLAGS_NS::ParseCommandLineFlags(&argc, &argv, true);
       // Parse gflags Again.
       GFLAGS_NS::SetArgv(argc, (const char**) argv);
       std::string endpoint = "";
       butil::EndPoint ep;
       str2endpoint(endpoint.c_str(), &ep);
       brpc::Server server;
       EchoServiceImpl echo_svc;
       server.AddService(&echo_svc, brpc::SERVER_DOESNT_OWN_SERVICE);
       server.Start(ep, NULL);
       // Wait until Ctrl-C is pressed, then Stop() and Join() the server.
       return 0;
   **Expected behavior (期望行为)**
   正常启动,但报错ERROR: --bthread_concurrency_by_tag must be set on the commandline 
(default value fails validation)
   **Versions (各种版本)**
   OS: macos/linux
   Compiler: g++10.4
   brpc: 1.8.0
   protobuf: 3.x
   **Additional context/screenshots (更多上下文/截图)**

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