Hi all,
I am new to Calcite.
I found Calcite can’t execute queries like ‘select nullif(count(distinct 
colunm),0) from table ’, and dumped ‘Plan after trimming unused fields’ like 
LogicalProject(NAME=[$0], GENDER=[CASE(=($1, 0), null, CAST($2):BIGINT)])
                         LogicalAggregate(group=[{0}], agg#0=[COUNT(DISTINCT 
$1)], agg#1=[COUNT($1)])
                           LogicalProject(NAME=[$1], GENDER=[$3])
                           CsvTableScan(table=[[SALES, EMPS]], fields=[[0, 1, 
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]])
Then, I checked SqlNullifFunction rewriteCall method which used 
SqlNode.clone(SqlParserPos pos) method to create SqlCase call.
Finally, the root cause I guess may be that the SqllCall.clone(SqlParserPos 
pos) method discard the functionQuantifier which holds such as ‘distinct’ 
symbol when create new SqlCall instance.

Is there any special reason for the SqllCall.clone method implemented like this?
and whether it has any side effects if I change the SqllCall.clone method as 

    public SqlNode clone(SqlParserPos pos) {
        List<? extends SqlNode> operandList = getOperandList();
        return getOperator().createCall(getFunctionQuantifier(), pos, 
                new SqlNode[operandList.size()]));

Best regards.

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