Hi Sand, I'm also an one of learner for Calcite.

There was a great slide shared by Jordan several days ago, so if you
haven't seen below slide, you would want to read it.

And I referred Milinda's Samza SQL implementation while working on Storm
SQL, and it is also great code example. I just referred samza-sql-planner
module, and exclude physical since it's heavily related to Samza.

Hope it helps.

Jungtaek Lim (HeartSaVioR)

2016년 10월 12일 (수) 오전 9:20, Sand Stone <sand.m.st...@gmail.com>님이 작성:

> I am a Calcite newbie. I try to bind a simple data store directly with
> Calcite, i.e. without going through all the adapter layer.
> By browsing through portions of the code, I think the test util
> SqlToRelTestBase seems to be the best example. Is there any other
> stand alone example?
> Also is there a document to talk about the relationship between
> RelNode, Interpreter, and RexNode? In theory I could "interpret" the
> RelNode directly (with or without query optimization). Of course I
> want to leverage existing functionalities as much as possible.
> My goal eventually is to do distributed query. I am just learning the
> ropes. Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks much!

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