Hi all,

First thanks for your project, it is very great and help me a lot to provide 
SQL interface to own internal DB.
I succeed to implement my own Schema/Table with the tutorial but I have 
performance issues on high volume.

I mean when I have 1 millions of rows with many columns (> 20), it takes too 
long time to execute request.
I check the code and I think that is due to the fact that I must convert my 
internal object (row) to "Object[]" (org.apache.calcite.schema.FilterableTable).

It is possible to give a Map / List or any proxy Object to "Apache Calcite" 
instead of "Object[]" array?
I check some Table implementation on GitHub (MongoDB, Cassandra) and debug code 
in Eclipse but I do not succeed.
I think that is linked to 
"org.apache.calcite.adapter.java.AbstractQueryableTable" but despite all my 
efforts I cannot understand how to do it.

Could you please help me on that subject?


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