I am new to Calcite but I already got quite far with integrating it into a test project. Now I am a bit stuck and I am not sure what is happening.

I would like to use Calcite for data federation, but first I am trying to simply put it between the application and the actual JDBC connection. I read something on the website that operations aren't pushed down to JDBC schemas yet? That would be unfortunate as that is something I actually need. Can you confirm what the status of that is?

While trying to insert data, I noticed that SQL sequences don't seem to be supported. Is there a special undocumented syntax for retrieving sequence values? I tried "next value for SEQUENCE" as something in SqlKind was suggesting that might be the appropriate syntax but it didn't work.

Finally, I also noticed that transactions don't seem to work properly. Apparently CalciteMetaImpl#commit throws an UnsupportedOperationException? Am I missing something here or is that a current limitation?

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