Thanks Andrei and Vladimir for pushing this forward.

I'm +1 for complete migration to JUnit 5. Having both may lead into
problems as the one mentioned in the beginning of this thread.
More general using two versions of the same library at the same time
usually leads to problems.

I checked the code and it seems that we have ~11 uses of @RunWith and ~3
uses of @Rule so it should be feasible to migrate all of them quite fast.
I already migrated a couple of parameterized tests to JUnit 5 so I can help
if needed.

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 11:53 PM Vladimir Sitnikov <> wrote:

> Andrei>Perhaps split it into two parts:
> That makes sense.
> parameterized and classrules seem to be not that trivial to migrate.
> Then I would revert several changes in
> and it would become a
> committable PR.
> Vladimir

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