So how would you do a simple stream enrichment query? That is one that for
each new record in an append-only relation will join a matching record from
a mutable relation that's valid at the processing time? This use case is
common, for example in credit card fraud detection, for each transaction
you look up the cardholder statistics, merchant statistics, product
statistics, transaction history etc. that you have at hand at the moment
the transaction is processed and the enriched record is then fed to a
rule-based engine or to an ML inference model. You're not interested in
later updates in those enrichment tables. In my understanding it is not
possible with the proposed semantics.

For example, can you refer to the `undo`, `ptime` and `ver` columns in the
query itself? We could filter out columns where `ver > 0`:

  FROM order_item o
    JOIN product p USING(product_id)
) WHERE ver = 0;

You can optimize for the common events, and not use very much memory. For
> the rarer events, you can pay the cost of a disk I/O.

With the particular query I don't think you can do this. Let's say the
`order_item` is backed by a Kafka topic - you might not have the full
history. And even if you do, the receiver of the query results is not
interested in retractions and new versions of all the zillions of orders
with updated product name. The desired output should be specified by the
query itself. And, for example, cardholder statistics could be updated with
each transaction in a feedback loop.


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